UI/UX Design & Webdesign
The AGRU app

The AGRU is a startup app that gives farmers a unique tool to create internal auctions with regular buyers and get the best conditions for the sale of raw materials.

The Agru corporate style logo

As part of our work, we’ve developed:

1) The logo and style of the app
2) App prototype & Android / iOS / Web design versions
3) Marketing website and educational materials
4) Targeted adv campaigns to test interest in the product.


As part of the MVP testing, we adapted the project to the 8 most promising markets: Brazil, the USA, India, Tanzania, CIS, Vietnam, Turkey, Australia.

For each of the 8 countries, we have prepared translations of all interfaces, landing pages, taking into account differences in preferences and mindset of the audience in the regions.


Based on the results of our tests, we figured out how to finalize the application in more efficient way, and realized that the most promising markets are India and Tanzania.


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