Webdesign & Marketing strategy
Pilot Med

Pilot Med specializes in organizing and accompanying childbirth and medical treatment in the USA.

Our main task was to adjust the digital brand promotion strategy to increase the market share in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

To achieve this goal, we conducted a full marketing analysis of the countries, competitors, as well as the audit of the current digital strategy. Based on this we developed a new marketing strategy.


– released the reworked and ready for SEO-promotion version of the site in 2 months
– gained 2000+ subscribers on social networks with an engagement rate of over 18%
– increased the number of scheduled personal consultations by 4 times
– reached top 5 in Google search results with essential commercial requests within the three months after website release

Usually, women are the first to get acquainted with the brand. So to emphasize the delicacy of the service, as well as to attract their exclusive attention, we decided to introduce softer tones and vivid images into the corporate identity.

Before developing a new landing page for their basis service – childbirth in the USA, we interviewed 20 of their clients. Our goal was to define what they did not understand and what fears they had about organizing the birth of their child abroad. With the new landing page, we tried to answer all these questions and sweep fear aside.

Of course, we’ve made a great emphasis on the usability of the mobile version of the site.

Childbirth is an event treated with closer attention to the details. Hence, we decided to describe in detail everything included in the service packages, which demonstrates our expertise and answers many customer questions.

We paid additional attention to the package comparison page.

Traffic analytics showed that the majority of customers used the site from mobile devices. It was necessary to allow the user to compare a large amount of information from a mobile device and choose the suitable service package. We put a lot of work into UX and adjusted information for mobile devices.

To increase conversion, we designed a “package calculator” for users to choose which services they need. The client then received an offer of one of the most suitable packages with a personal discount.

Additionally, we created infographics, branded materials, a birth-story album with the most exciting moments, as well as banner materials for outdoor advertising.

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