UI/UX Design & Webdesign

IntellectoKids is a media, entertainment & education platform for parents and their kids ages up to 7 years old.

We’ve created a bright, cheerful corporate identity for the brand, presentations, materials for promo in social networks, as well as the UI/UX of the Super Parents mobile app for parents.

Our team designed a lot of different marketing materials, educational materials for parents with kids of different ages, presentations for speeches, and other marketing purposes.

IntellectoKids Super Parents offers 15-minutes long, straight-to-the-point audio tutorials on various parenting issues, such as children developmental crises, how to deal with jealousy toward a little brother or sister, how to discuss various difficult issues!

We also designed several desktop and mobile versions of onboarding systems, and subscriptions payment interfaces for the IntellectoKids training app. With these versions, IntellectoKids made A/B tests and choose the version which then increase the efficiency of the conversion funnel by several times.

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