Product & Marketing

Fumgo is a social trading terminal which aims to make earning on crypto currencies accessible to everyone.

For FUMGO we created an environment where people with any level of knowledge in crypto trading can share strategies and make profit.

Our work included UI/UX development for web app, localisations, community and customer support, branding, marketing strategy and all promotional materials including banners, videos, screencasts and tutorials.

Achievements: Fully functional Beta version on 4 languages launched within 3 months with more than 1000 users during the test period

Disciplines: Branding, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, Social, Copywriting, User Experience, User Interfaces, Localization

Markets: Europe, CIS, Korea, China, Japan.

Time frame: it took us 3 months to create the Beta version & all branding materials for the project from scratch

Trading cryptocurrencies mostly perceived as a difficult, nervous task, hard to get into.

This shaped our main idea – make trading crypto simple, convenient and open to the public.

We conveyed this via simple intuitive UI, tutorials, and promotional materials with vivid images of people in relaxed and ordinary situations.

We designed two modes – for advanced traders and rookies.

For the pros, we combined the best features used on popular exchanges with some unique features and the ability to tinker almost any settings to finetune orders.

While novice traders received a step-by-step wizard-like UI with instructions and hints. We also invited them to follow experienced traders and “auto-copy” their deals, creating an opportunity to make extra for both of them.

FUMGO’s idea was to be a simple, casual solution. For the complex crypto trading infrastructure to fit that idea, we landed with over 30 interfaces (and a lot more prototypes 😄) for both desktop and mobile, with an emphasize on mobile to achieve an intuitive, “on the go” user flow.


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