Branding & Webdesign

CSGO.CASH — is an ecosystem that allows CS:GO players to monetize their gaming experience. The target audience of the project is over 20Mln active CS:GO players around the world.

The CSGO.CASH ecosystem consisted of several B2C products: CSGO.CASH, SkinsSales and BestCases.

CSGO.CASH and SkinsSales are online platforms for selling skins earned in the game. They were created as separate platforms for different countries. BestCases — is an online web-game, where gamers can win new skins in exchange for the one they have.


Second in the CIS by the number of users and amount of skins sold

Over 2500 active users daily

Skins sold for $1M quarterly

Fully localised services on English, Russian, Spanish, German & French.


Worldwide (we localised project to: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French)


We worked with the project for 2 y. MVP was launched after 4 months, the reworked second version of the project was launched a year after.

Our work included branding, web design and UX/UI, development of different gamification tools, marketing strategy, all sorts of promotional materials, community & customer support.

Later we created a B2B service – CSGO.CASHpay. It allows users to pay with a skins on any ecommerce platforms.

By connecting CSGO.CASHpay via API as a payment solution, the store or marketplace was able to accept skins from CS:GO as payment for goods.

We created numerous marketing materials for all ecosystem services. All of them were crafted with a lot of creativity and joy 🙂

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